Tuesday, 6 May 2008

sunshine in spring.

oh what a lovely day it is today, i was in work 7am-1:30pm today, i couldnt wait to finish today so i could get home and sit in the sunshine!!!!!!!! which i am doing right now, it's so peaceful up here all i can hear just now is the sea crashing on the shore in the distance and the birds singing!
im sat outside in the front garden with my lap top plugged into a redicously long extension lead.(the battery on my laptop isnt too good jut now)
i tried to read a book but give up and got computer out instead, i have a thousand and one things i should be doing but who wants too do housework in this weather!!!!!!!!!!!! nahhhhhh not me!

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crazy working mom said...

Book?! What is that? *LOL* I can never find the time to read, but I can blog hop with the best of 'em. heh heh heh

Thanks for stopping by today. I think your sister was a bit jealous that you commented at my place. tee hee...

I was ready to leave work today as well. It was a pretty day here as well, but it ended in rain. Grrrr...