Sunday, 4 May 2008

Ladies night

well well well, oh what fun, i was a little dubias about going as the last time i seen strippers i was scared for life,this time though i was pleasantly suprised and had a scream!!!!!!! it was all for charity to raise money for ENDURO AFRICA, there was a anne summers demonstration (this was quite frightning as a woman that lives round the corner from me was dressed up as miss whiplash(ill never look at her the same again now!!!!!)

then a disco, then three male strippers then disco again in between.

i myself got dragged up, ha ha ha, and had a plastic trunction coverd in whipped cream thrust into my face, aaaaahhhhhhhhhh! i made sure my friends Wilma and Evelyn where taken up too, which they where, Wilma got thrusted at from behind and sat on and evelyn nearly got a WILLY on her head, ha ha ha ha!

also my friend karen got taken up, she had to pour wax onto the strippers chest, ha ha ha ha oh what fun, have a laugh at the photos!!!!!

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crazy working mom said...

Whoo hoo! Looks like loads of fun. :)

Hope you survived.