Monday, 15 September 2008


well yet again i have been rubbish posting!!

germany was fantastic, loved catching up with jem,ste and the boys(my sister, partner and nephews), we had a great time, except for missing our flight home due to coach being stuck in 3 traffic jams, it cost us £300 to get home 2 days later!!!!!but alas we got to see them again for two days,xxxx miss them like mad xxx heres a few pics , will put up some more soon, theres heaps so have to pic out the best ones, also try and download my stupid balloon dance video, it's funny!

Monday, 18 August 2008

german rap song!!!!!!!

this is a german rapper from hamburg, the gentleman in the wheelchair was a begger...

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

a CLEAR explanation of HEATHER'D

just a a note, getting HEATHER'D is not at all RUDE!!!!!! it is quite SIMPLY, A SMALL HUG WHILST HAVING your photo taken! that is ALL!

excited for germany

me and john are off to germany soon, well monday to see my sister jem and my nephews ewan and connor, i cannot wait i havent seen them since the 1st november 07 so really excited now and there will be plenty of pictures going on, MAYBE HEATHER'D DOES GERMANY!!!!!

more heatherd coming soon, maybe to a town near you!!!

im afraid theres more heatherd

more heatherd



my description for my actions, on a night out, having a few beers holding a camera AND NO, it's not rude but my apologies go out to the poor unfortunate people of Brora who got heatherd on sat night( you would think i was a celebrity, well I would think) ha ha

heres the evidence...............................................................................................

more banger pics

banger racing

sunday was banger car racing day, lots of old cars been thrashed around by testostaroned fuelled men, ha ha cant spelll that but you know what i mean, a few women also race. i was a little ruff from the night before, i was on BBQ duty as i dont drive. great day!!!!!!!! lots of laughs!!!!

here is me a while later though

here is me a while later after having a few drinkie poops!!!!!!!

this is me with my pal sarah.

immmmmmm baccccckkkkk

the flu has gone, back to a full bill of health, wooooppppeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

here is the proof this is john, my partner(ha ha ha, claire hates me calling him that, my boyfriend) xxxx

Sunday, 20 July 2008


horray the flu is leaving, i spent thursday and friday in bed, that with all the cold remedies seemed to have helped, just have a little bit of a snotty nose and a weeeennnnyyy cough left, im so glad as it was no fun at all, was in work saturday and today, day off tommorow though, yey!!!! have to tidy up, poop!!!!

Thursday, 17 July 2008


today, well yesterday and today i have am suffering from the delightful flu bug,ahhhhhhhh!
snotty nose
bad cough
sore throat
aching bones

so at the moment ive coverd myself in vapour rub, dosed up on beechams cold and flu capsuels, olbus oil shuffed up my nostrils and eating oranges sat in bed, wotching televisions and messing about on the laptop.
so hopefully i will be right as reign soon enough and that the horrible red nose and dodgy husky voice will be gone!!!!!!!




t in the park is a super music festival in scotland, seen some wicked bands, and met some cool people too,

camping with john

camping with john, we went to the lovely aviemore, it's a lovely place, my favourite place.

80's NIGHT

this is a few photies from an 80's night i went on, with my boyfriends sister christine, we had a super time boppin away to all the 80's tunes, ended up going to a night club afterwards and it turned out to be a foam party, think we were the oldest there, ha ha ha ha, had a good laugh though!!!!!

havent got a clue who that weirdo is in the pic next to me at the top!!!!!