Thursday, 30 August 2007


off to devon on saturday with my parents and my boyfriend john, really looking foward to it, as i live 500miles away from my parents and it'll be nice to spend some time with them.
john will be going off playing golf with my dad and me and mum will be off doing various things, 'a cheese and onion fair' being one of them!!!!!!! i really dont know what that is all about, but i do like cheese, so i hope there is actually cheese there, or i will be most upset!!!!(will put photos up when we return!)
where also going on a steam train, i love steam trains(reminds me of my grandad, who was a bit of a train fanatic) and going shopping and eating good food(i love food) not that fussed about shopping but can easily spend a few pennies!!!!
then when return im off to portugal two weeks later with two of my friends, wah-hoo!!!!

Tuesday, 28 August 2007


Hooray i did it! my blog will be more interesting now with pictures!!!!


loch brora

loch Brora

well loch brora is now one of my favourite places, the only sounds you here are the occasional gust of wind or the cows eating grass!! its a really peaceful place, i often cycle out there(cycle as i dont drive) even if i could drive i'd still bike it!! its about 5miles to get there from my house, so i always take something to eat and drink(a wee picnic) with me and a good book, sometimes i even spot a few wild deer which is lovely. or just sit there and put the world to right!!! will put some more pictures up when i work out how too!


well blogging, still not finding this very easy to do!! i have no patience!!!!!!! well i must go and have a look at other peoples blog pages and see if i can get my head around all this!!!! and then hopefully i can crack on with it!!

Monday, 20 August 2007


well work wasnt that bad after all, still a little boring though and didnt get out on the bus!!!

was in work for 24 1/2 hrs on saturday/sunday, off shift at 11pm though to go to bed, but cant sleep in that horrible old bed and before you know it , its time to get up and start again at 7am. what makes things more difficult is that we have no domestic assistant(cleaner) she left two years ago and was never replaced so at the weekend i was doing my job as well as the seniors job and the cleaners job( no wonder we get tired!!!)and looking after the people too!!!

hopefully things will get easier soon!!!!!

Wednesday, 15 August 2007


well off to work shortly!!! 1:30-9:30pm!! its okay just a little boring just now, i work with special needs in a respite unit(that bit i love) but the sitting around doing very little due to lack of transport is what i cant stand and the poor clients, being fed up and bored!!! out of my hands though im afraid so just have to plod on. will report back tommorow on my day at work(knowing my luck, we'll probably get the use of a bus today and it wont be that bad!!!)

fairyelora continued

just realised how crazy that actually sounds, but ohwell, 'flies are ugly though and have more chance of getting killed by a rollled up newspaper/magazine, slipper or any other splatting device!!!! just think would you splat a fairy if you seen one floating around your sitting room??????????? and as i said elora is a nice name.

Tuesday, 14 August 2007


why fairyelora, well fairy because i like fairies( i would love to be one!!!, strange i know, would love to fly and instead of fly on the wall i could be a fairy on the wall!!!!!) and Elora??? it is the name of the princess baby in the film WILLOW which is one of my favourite films, so there we go.

Monday, 13 August 2007

across the road from my house

where i live


well i thought this bloging would be easy, a click here and a click there a few photos, a few words and then people would come and look at my page, my sister has just informed me that it takes alot more time,effort and patience to acheive a top blog page, so from this day foward i will aim for a top blog page if my short attention span will allow it!

me and john

where are you claire

o' for where art thou sister!!!!!!!!!

i thought this would be easy

how do i look at other peoples blogs????????

if anybody would like to give me any tips for my blog i would be very grateful as im still trying to get my head around it!!!!!

hello world