Sunday, 1 June 2008

hello again

not been up to much this weekend at all, went shopping and had my hair done yesterday and today been doing housework, woooppppppppeeeeee! really looking foward to my friends wedding next week as im chief bridesmaid and my sister claire is a bridesmaid too, it'll be a really nice day and i cant wait now.

walk up the ben

last monday john and i walked up a big hill in the neighbouring town of golspie, i had forgotten how hard it was and we where both exhausted once we had reached the top, however it was a lovely day and it was johns idea, we had a picnic at the top(my idea) here are some pics

emma's hen night

here are some photos of emmas hen night,(she is my best friend), we had a graet night out, what a laugh


hello everyone, i didnt keep me promise and i admit i am crap at keeping all up to date with all my news and posting new posts, i will once try again to put a post in once a week at least now as it just doesnt happen every day!!!!!!!!