Sunday, 4 May 2008

emmas hen weekend the write up

got up at 5:30am on the friday morning and woke john up too as he was taking me down to inverness to catch the train, i had a funny feeling in the eveing that i had got the train times wrong and was unsure when the train actually was
we went down early anyhow, but as i guessed i had got the train times wrong and was 3 hours early, woops, i treated a not so happy john to a cooked breakfast, he did find this very amusing that i had got the times wrong!!!!
after breakfast john left to head back up the road and i sat and waited for my train!
i suprisingly only nodded off once for 5mins(i normally sleep all the way)

got to the lakes where emma and claire where waiting for me, we went and got provissions from morrisons and headed off to the cottage, directed by THE NAVMAN, who actually led us up some one elses driveway, i was going to go into there house too!!!
we found our cottage, cozy but a little dated in the decor who cares though im no laurence llwyellen!!!!
we choose our rooms and just sat a nd chilled putting on facemasks and painting toenails etc, claire and i had decorated the livng room with pink balloons and had a blow up doll for emma so we had fun taking photos of those!!!!!!

the next day we went into keswick NAVMAN got us there where our llamas would be waiting for us, emma didnt know anything about this, so she was pleasantly surprised as she thought we where going white water rafting(emma doesnt do excersise)so we were made up she liked it, went for a little walk around the lake and had a picnic, weather was rubbish.
in the evening we went for a chinese(emmas favourite food!!!!!) then retreated back to the cottage.

sunday we had a lie in, then off on a boat trip, again weather was crap, we had lunch in a cozy pub and enjoyed a pint of local ale SNECKLIFTER i had, had this before as i had been to the brewery with my parents a few years back,lovely rich flavour and nice aftertaste.
we then took a few photos out on the moors with blow up rob and willy.then more facemasks at the cottage.

then monday was back on the train up to scotland this time i did sleep but not the whole way.

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