Wednesday, 23 April 2008


hooray, im writing a new post again today!!!!!!!!

well im feeling alot better than i did yesterday, full of a cold now though and hoping to shift it before the weekend as ive got my friends henweekend and dont want to have it then.euclyptus galore!!!!!

i was in work today 1:30pm-9:30pm, no hospital trips today, quite a quiet shift(well needed)

im in work 7am-about 3pm ish tommorow(i normally finish at 1:30pm)but as i have volunterd to do a drama group with the day centre for adults with learning disabilities which is across the road from our unit, im quite looking foward to it, think im going to do a play with them, will have to access ability levels with some games first. will keep you all posted.

im really hoping that the weather is going to be nice for this weekend, i have to get up at 5am friday(not looking foward to that) as i need to get to the train station for my train to the lakes, where i'll meet claire and emma, having a relaxing evening on fri, then fun and games on saturday followed by a meal in the evening, drinkie plops and a quite day sunday, a spot of lunch and a walk, then back home monday. very excited now.

then the following weekend im off to a ladies night, some erotic dancers are performing(ha ha ha ) so hoping to have a laugh at those, will take photos if im allowed, then a disco and ann summers party(naughty knickers) all for charity..

then the weekend after that i have my friends 60th birthday meal in a castlse(she doesnt know, so that will be nice)

lots going on for me, so lots to write about, no excuses now, will write again soon

chow for now


Tuesday, 22 April 2008

how crap am i at this blog buisness

well hello, im very bad with computers i confess and from this day foward i will try to write a new post everyday............. we shall see how it goes.....

today i will talk about how crap i feel as yesterday/+day before i have done a 27hour shift, i feel totaly drained every inch of me aches, i feel sick. one of the clients i look after was ill so i had to acompany them to hospital, i am no stranger to this as i have done it so many times with ,my mother, but its soooooo tiring. so my shift started on sunday at 3pm and i got home on monday at 7pm!!!! and i dont get paid for all of it , how awful!!!!!!!! i have attached photographic effidence.look away if you have nightmares!!!!
i am doing nothing today!!!!!!!at all
well i will write again soon(well see)
chow for now