Monday, 8 October 2007


portugal was super weather was lovely and warm a few mishaps, when we arrived at the hotel, they didnt have our reservation and on the second day the ceiling came down in the bathroom on my friend karens head (it sounds alot worse than it was, it was a panel, but it did klonk her one) she was putting her towel over the shower curtain pole to dry and she knocked the panel down, i was through in the room with my other friend eva we just heard an almighty bang and a 'AAAAAARRRRRRRGGGHHH' i thought she had fell in the bath, she was just stood there trying to hold the ceiling panel up, i ran back through and phoned reception, that was a laugh trying to explain to the receptionist that the ceiling had fell down, all i got was 'pardon, the ceiling it fall down' at this point i was laughing alot also which made it harder to understand me, ha ha!! karens head was fine though we had to move rooms to a horrible damp smelling one, alas it was only for one night. the weather was good had a few drinks,food would've been fantastic if i ate meat or fish, the vegetarian tomato pasta was cooked in fish sauce, uuuuurrrgggghhhh!!!!! and some lovely buildings too(would be nice to buy one and open a wine bar, have to win the lottery first!)


crazy working mom said...

Oh, I am SO jealous!!!

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