Monday, 13 August 2007


well i thought this bloging would be easy, a click here and a click there a few photos, a few words and then people would come and look at my page, my sister has just informed me that it takes alot more time,effort and patience to acheive a top blog page, so from this day foward i will aim for a top blog page if my short attention span will allow it!


Claire said...

Your sister sounds amazing!

Jeni said...

Actually, your sister IS amazing! The only people who know more than sisters do, are Mommies! Har, har! Unless of course, the sister knows lots and lots of technical stuff about blogging, then you want to pay close attention to what she says, for sure! Moms sometimes are old farts who don't know or understand diddly squat about blogs.

Shaz said...

Me thinks Claire may have some competition from now on!