Monday, 13 July 2009

Exciting news.....

im getting married in 10 months time, i have been engaged for nearly a year now and myself and john decided to go for it, venue booked and the ball is well rolling, it's so exciting organising it all, im making my invites so im going to make some mock up ones tommorow, will put up pictures and i would appreciate any feedback.

we are going for a vintage tea party look, well when i say WE i really mean ME as john's facial expression was rather amusing followed by ' whatever you like dear' so out comes the bunting and the little dainty cups and saucers filled with sweets as favours and the teapots full of roses for the centre pieces again anymore vintagey ideas thrown my way would be very much appreciated.


Apologies as usual.

Hello it's me, it's 1am and im still wide awake. this is due to the upset of my routine, i have been doing a few sleepovers at work, you are supposed to go to sleep hense it being called a sleepover, this doesnt seem to happen though due to the noise of the tanks and washing machines, i work in a respite unit for adults with learning disabilites and special needs, on a occasion whilst my senior is on holiday i step up to do the senior role, i dont like it as its paperwork and answering the phone i much prefer to interact with the clients.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Hello i have to get better at this!!!!!!

well, it's been six months since i last wrote on my blog page, how poor is that!

what have i been doing?


work, work, work, and you guessed it more, work!!!!

no rest for the wicked, i work in a small respite unit for disabled adults, with physical and learning disabilities.

i do love my job but find it taxing at times, although was on the karaoke the other evening with this weeks residents, it was great fun.

will post some interesting pictures up as i usaully do,
these photographs are taken at a place called CLACHTOLL on the west coast of scotland, a beautiful place , my friends own a caravan site there so went a couple of weekends before christmas for the weekend, had a nice relaxing break.

Monday, 15 September 2008


well yet again i have been rubbish posting!!

germany was fantastic, loved catching up with jem,ste and the boys(my sister, partner and nephews), we had a great time, except for missing our flight home due to coach being stuck in 3 traffic jams, it cost us £300 to get home 2 days later!!!!!but alas we got to see them again for two days,xxxx miss them like mad xxx heres a few pics , will put up some more soon, theres heaps so have to pic out the best ones, also try and download my stupid balloon dance video, it's funny!

Monday, 18 August 2008

german rap song!!!!!!!

this is a german rapper from hamburg, the gentleman in the wheelchair was a begger...

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

a CLEAR explanation of HEATHER'D

just a a note, getting HEATHER'D is not at all RUDE!!!!!! it is quite SIMPLY, A SMALL HUG WHILST HAVING your photo taken! that is ALL!